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The Trouble with Cyber Security Training!

The Trouble with Cyber Security Training

The Trouble with Cyber Security Training

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for schools of all sizes as the number of cyber attacks continues to increase. Many schools have implemented cyber security training programs for their staff in response to this threat. However, these training programs often fall short of their intended goals and can create additional security risks.

Avoid dull and tedious training

One of the biggest problems with cyber security training is that it is often dull and unengaging. Many staff view cybersecurity training as a tedious and pointless exercise, and they tune out or rush through the training material. This can lead to a lack of understanding and retention of the material, resulting in staff making careless or reckless decisions that put the school’s cyber security at risk.

Focus on the right subject matter

Another issue with cyber security training is that it is often focused on the technical aspects of cyber security rather than human factors. While it is important for staff to understand the technical details of cyber security, it is equally important to understand their role in protecting the school’s data and systems. Cybersecurity training should teach staff about good security practices, such as creating strong passwords and being cautious when opening emails or clicking links.

Refresh, refresh, refresh

Finally, cyber security training is often a one-time event rather than an ongoing process. This means that staff may receive training at the beginning of their employment but are not regularly reminded of the importance of cyber security or updated on the latest threats and best practices. As a result, staff may forget what they learned or become complacent about their role in protecting the school’s cyber security.

Time to book your training

The trouble with Cyber Security Training is that it is often ineffective and fails to engage employees in the importance of protecting the school’s data and systems. To address this issue, schools should invest in engaging and interactive training programs that address the human factors of cyber security and, by doing so, reinforce the importance of good cyber security practices.

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