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School Compliance Programs with The Ark HQ™

Expert Led Compliance Programs for Schools

We understand that managing legal compliance in a school can be challenging. At The Ark HQ™, we offer a school-friendly solution that makes compliance easy for you and your staff.

Online AI / Chat GPT training for schools

100% Education Sector Specific Programs

Recognising the unique complexities of educational settings, our programs are led by consultants specialising in school compliance issues. 

Compliance without Disruption

Protect your school community and comply with applicable regulations without disrupting your school’s day-to-day activities.

Protect your School

Safeguard your school on multiple fronts— technology, personal data, AI or health and safety —with our tailored compliance programs, offering an all-encompassing layer of expertise, competence and protection.

Demonstrate Due Diligence

With The Ark HQ™, you can go beyond just meeting regulatory requirements. Demonstrate transparency, accountability, and leadership culture, showing that your school is beyond reproach when meeting its legal obligations.

Comprehensive Compliance Programs for Schools

By choosing The Ark HQ™, you can offload the compliance burden, reclaim valuable time, and focus on what truly matters – the teaching and learning environment for your staff and students whilst nurturing a thriving school community.

Expert Led Compliance Programs for Schools

Hassle-Free School Compliance Solutions

As a school principal, you shoulder the responsibility of ensuring compliance with constantly changing regulations. Balancing this task alongside your other duties can feel overwhelming. Our comprehensive compliance programs for schools are designed specifically to support school leaders.

Expert Led Compliance Programs for Schools

Expert Led Programs

Our platform automates and securely stores immutable records, freeing you from administrative burdens while delivering indisputable records of compliance training completion.

Same-Day Expertise & Advice

Get same-day advice with our retained advisory service. Your dedicated consultant ensures timely, actionable guidance to safeguard your school.

Comprehensive Policy Development

Tailored to your school’s specific needs, our policy frameworks set the gold standard for compliance in line with relevant legislation, guidleines and experience.

Whole School Training

Ensure compliance and understanding across all staff with our all-inclusive training platform. Hassle-free enrolment and certificate generation make it easy to roll out best practices school-wide.

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Schools trust us to deliver essential compliance training.

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Over 93% completion rate – well above the industry standard.

Expert Led Compliance Programs for Schools

At The Ark HQ™, we recognise the unique challenges that school leaders face when managing compliance. That’s why we’ve developed a range of compliance programs specifically designed for the education sector.

Staff Training for Schools
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New Program Coming Soon

Staff Training for Schools
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New Program Coming Soon

Managed Compliance Programs for Schools

Schools have a huge responsibility in keeping students and staff safe and secure. At The Ark HQ™, our range of programs is designed to help you meet these responsibilities head-on.

Whether it’s making your online systems more secure, ensuring you’re handling data correctly, or helping you use new technologies like AI responsibly, we provide straightforward, effective solutions. 

Online Staff Training for Schools
Expert Led Compliance Programs for Schools
Online Staff Data Protection Training for Schools
Online Staff Data Protection Training for Schools

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