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AI / ChatGPT in Education – What School Principals Need to Know!

AI / ChatGPT in Education

AI / ChatGPT in Education - What School Principals Need to Know!

In this webinar, school principals will gain valuable insights when adopting AI and ChatGPT in their schools. 

Watch the recording of this webinar and

      • Understand the fundamentals of AI and ChatGPT in education.

      • Plan for the integration of AI into Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Accounts from next August.

      • Understand the policy implications for AI, including how it will affect your AUP, Data Protection, IT Security and related policies.

      • Know the potential risks with AI, focusing on privacy concerns, data protection, and security measures.

      • Address the privacy challenges and ethical considerations surrounding AI implementation.

      • Gain practical strategies for embracing AI / ChatGPT in Education in the next school year.

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