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CyberSecure™ - Equipping Educators to Defend Schools Against Cyber Threats

Course Content

CyberSecure™ - Equipping Educators to Defend Schools Against Cyber Threats

Online Cyber Security Training for Schools
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Course Content

CyberSecure™ - Equipping Educators to Defend Schools Against Cyber Threats

This course is tailored for everyone working in a school setting, providing a comprehensive overview of Cyber Security and its significance in the education sector.

Our goal is to equip you with a solid understanding of Cyber Security, so by the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of Cyber Security.
  2. Know the most common types of Cyber Attacks.
  3. Understand the individuals and groups behind these attacks and their motivations.
  4. Develop strategies for safeguarding you and your school against Cyber Attacks.
  5. Understand ongoing Cyber Security best practices.
  1. Introduction: Welcome to the world of Cyber Security.
  2. Cyber Security Background: The evolution of cyber threats.
  3. Why Cyber Security Matters: Safeguarding your school from attacks.
  4. Why Your School is a Target: Unpacking the motivations of cyber criminals.
  5. Phishing: Don’t get hooked!
  6. Malware: Staying one step ahead of malware threats.
  7. Ransomware: Protecting your school from ransomware attacks.
  8. Web-Based Attacks: Staying safe while browsing the web.
  9. Insider Threats: The enemy within.
  10. Unintentional Cyber Incidents: Avoiding common cyber security mistakes.
  11. Keeping Data Safe & Secure: Best practices for data protection.
  12. How to Secure Accounts & Passwords: Cyber hygiene 101.
  13. Dealing with a Cyber Incident: Incident response & recovery.
  14. Your cyber security journey.
  1. Deepen your knowledge and skills in Cyber Security and its applications in education and at home.
  2. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Cyber Security: Learn about the latest tactics, techniques, and cyber criminals use to target schools.
  3. Recoginse potential vulnerabilities in your day-to-day practices and know how to address them proactively.
  4. Earn a certificate of completion to showcase your achievement and commitment to professional development.
  1. Self-paced learning: Complete the course at your own pace and schedule.
  2. Real-world examples: Explore real-world examples of cyber attacks in education, and discover how to apply safeguards to your daily practices.
  3. Interactive multimedia content: Engage with a variety of multimedia content, including videos, interactive exercises, and quizzes.
  4. Accessible on any device: Learn on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
  5. 12-month access: Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll have 12 months to access the course content and materials so that you can review and refresh your knowledge at any time.

This course is suitable for

Individual Teachers

Individual teachers looking to enhance their knowledge in AI, Cyber Security, Data Privacy, and Health & Safety.


Individual Schools seeking to provide comprehensive training to their staff in these essential topics.


School groups or school districts looking for customised staff training solutions on these essential topics.

Professional Associations

Professional associations providing continuing education or professional development to members.

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