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Health and Safety Compliance for Schools

SafeSchool™ - Health and Safety Compliance for Schools

Health and Safety Compliance for Schools - Protect your students, staff, and school community.

Health and Safety Compliance for Schools
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SafeSchool™ Compliance Program

Health and Safety Compliance for Schools

As a school principal, you are responsible for the safety of your students, staff, and school.  Health and Safety Compliance for schools can be daunting, especially with all the regulations and paperwork involved.

  • Lack of time and resources: School principals are busy with tasks such as teaching and administration. You do not have the time or resources to dedicate to health and safety.
  • Complex regulations: Schools must comply with many different regulations, such as those related to fire safety, child protection, and occupational safety. These regulations are complex and difficult to understand.
  • Lack of expertise: School leaders often do not have the knowledge or skills to identify and address safety hazards. They may not know how to develop and implement effective safety procedures.
  • Lack of funding:  Schools often have limited funding for health and safety. It is important to prioritise funding for the most important areas.
  • Changing environment: The school environment is constantly changing. New students and staff are coming and going, and the school building and grounds are constantly being used and maintained. This can make keeping up with all potential health and safety hazards difficult.

SafeSchool™ is our Health and Safety Compliance Program tailored exclusively for schools (we only work with schools).

But what sets SafeSchool™ apart? It’s not just a program but a partnership. With SafeSchool™, you gain the expertise of a dedicated SafeSchool™ Consultant who will personally oversee the program right in your school.

Our team will prepare all the essential compliance documentation your school requires. We will also be hands-on in establishing a safety committee, ensuring all voices are heard, and all tasks are delegated as needed.

Support is a hallmark of our program. As you navigate the complexities of school management, know that we’ll be right beside you, backing up your leadership team every step of the way.

With SafeSchool™, it’s not just about compliance – it’s about confidence. Confidence in knowing that your school stands robust against all safety challenges and aligns with regulatory standards.

  1. Dedicated SafeSchool™ Consultant: Our professionals only work with schools, so they provide expert advice and guidance on all aspects of H&S throughout the program.
  2. SafeSchool™ Audit & Strategy Blueprint: A comprehensive assessment of the school’s health and safety practices is conducted annually.
  3. SafeSchool™ Compliance Documentation: Customised health and safety policy for the school.
  4. Risk Assessment Coordination & Review: Save staff time so they can focus on teaching and learning. We draft risk assessments ready for review and finalising.
  5. Safety Committee Formation & Support: Your consultant will form part of the safety committee and lead the group in your school’s safety efforts throughout the school year.
  6. SafeSchool™ CPD Training: Our whole school training ensures your staff have a solid understanding of their responsibilities in managing health & safety in their classroom.
  7. SafeSchool™ Retained Advice & Support Line: Access to expert guidance on health and safety matters that helps address immediate concerns or queries.
  8. SafeSchool™ Snapshot – Board of Management Annual Report details health and safety performance annually and demonstrates a commitment to safety to all stakeholders.
  9. SafeSchool™ Program Review & Objective Setting: Annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the SafeSchool™ program with school leaders.
  1. Protect your School Community: A safe and healthy school environment is essential for the well-being of students, staff, and visitors. By taking steps to protect your school community, you can help to prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses.
  2. Comply with all applicable health and safety regulations: There are a number of health and safety regulations that schools must comply with. By ensuring that your school is compliant with these regulations, you can help to protect your school community.
  3. Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries: You can do several things to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in your school. These include conducting regular safety inspections, providing training to staff and students on safety procedures, and keeping the school environment clean and well-maintained.
  4. Save time and resources: Health and Safety Compliance for Schools does not need to be time consuming. By taking steps to improve the health and safety of your school, you can save time and resources, ensuring you and your staff focus on what matters most – teaching and learning.
  5. Get peace of mind: Knowing your school is safe can give you peace of mind. This is especially important for school principals and staff who are responsible for the safety of others.


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