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Education AI™
AI / ChatGPT Compliance for Schools

Education AI™ - AI / ChatGPT Compliance for Schools

AI / ChatGPT Compliance for Schools - Protect your students, staff, and school community.

AI / ChatGPT Compliance Program for Schools UK and Ireland
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Education AI™ - AI / ChatGPT Compliance Program

Education AI™ Compliance Program

AI / ChatGPT Compliance Program for Schools UK and Ireland

Navigating the complex landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education presents unique challenges beyond the usual considerations of curriculum updates or technology adoption. It’s not just about “keeping up with the times”; it’s about the future of education while balancing ethical, legal, and teaching and learning intricacies.

  • Complex regulations: Schools are bound by numerous data protection regulations, such as GDPR. Comprehending and executing these regulations can be time-consuming and overwhelming.
  • Ethical Stewardship: One of the greatest challenges is ethically implementing AI. This goes beyond data protection to include questions around algorithmic fairness, diversity and inclusion, and the pedagogical implications of AI-driven assessment tools.
  • Resource Allocation: AI solutions often require more than just a financial investment. They require a commitment to training and ongoing maintenance. The question arises: how can you responsibly allocate resources for maximum impact?
  • Stakeholder Alignment: AI touches on a wide range of stakeholders—from teachers and administrators to students and parents. Achieving a cohesive, school-wide understanding and acceptance of AI’s role can be a huge task.
  • Regulatory Navigation: The fluid regulatory environment surrounding AI adds another layer of complexity. Staying compliant while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is like walking a tightrope.
  • Future Uncertainties: AI is an evolving field. How do we ensure that the tools and policies we implement today won’t become obsolete tomorrow? Moreover, how do we prepare our students for a world of work that AI is constantly reshaping?

Education AI™ is a program to deliver AI / ChatGPT Compliance for Schools (we only work with schools).

But what sets Education AI™ apart? It’s not just a program but a partnership. With Education AI™, you gain the expertise of a dedicated Consultant who will oversee the program in your school.

Your dedicated consultant will prepare all the essential compliance documentation your school requires. We will also engage with key members of staff, ensuring all voices are heard and all tasks are delegated as needed.

Support is a hallmark of our program. As you navigate the complexities of AI adoption, know that we’ll be beside you, addressing your compliance obligations.

With Education AI™, it’s not just about compliance – it’s about confidence. Confidence in knowing that your school stands robust against challenges and aligns with regulatory standards.

  1. Dedicated Education AI™ Consultant: Our professionals only work with schools, so they provide expert advice and guidance on all aspects of AI throughout the program.
  2. AI Committee:We establish an AI Committee at your school, consisting of Digital Learning Teams, IT postholder, and management, to oversee all AI initiatives. Equipped with our tools and advice, this committee ensures responsible and effective AI usage.
  3. Education AI™ Compliance Documentation: Includes a full suite of customised policies for your school including AI, Data Protection and Acceptable Use Policy.
  4. Education AI™ CPD Training: Our whole school training ensures your staff understand their responsibilities in when using AI in their classroom.
  5. Education AI™ Retained Advice & Support Line: Access to expert guidance on AI matters that helps address immediate concerns or queries.
  6. Education AI™ Program Review & Objective Setting: Annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the Education AI™ program with school leaders.
  1. Coherent Strategy: Education AI™ ensures that your school’s AI policy is not just a document but a living practice, guiding every aspect of AI application from the classroom to the admin office.
  2. Informed Decision-Making: Your dedicated consultant offers policy know-how and practical expertise, ensuring that guidelines are not just theoretical but also readily applicable.
  3. Tailored Policy Development: The program personalises policies like AI, AUP, and Data Protection to suit your school’s real-world needs, promoting a more effective alignment between written policy and daily practice.
  4. Proactive Adaptation: Our advisory services help you update policies in response to the evolving AI landscape, ensuring that practice keeps pace with policy, and not the other way around.
  5. Unified Training: Our Whole School Training platform ensures that every member of staff understands and can effectively implement the school’s AI policies, bridging the gap between what’s written and what’s executed.


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