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What is Malware, and how can I protect my school?

What is Malware?

What is Malware, and how can I protect my school?

Malware is short for “malicious software” and refers to any software designed to harm or exploit computer systems. This type of software is intended to damage or disrupt computer systems, and Cybercriminals commonly use it to gain unauthorised access to computer systems and steal sensitive information.

There are several types of Malware, including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, and spyware. Each has its own characteristics and methods of attack, but all share the goal of causing harm to computer systems.

Organisations should implement a comprehensive cyber security plan that includes technical and schoolal measures. Some of the key steps that schools can take to protect against Malware include:

  1. Implementing firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems: Firewalls and intrusion detection and prevention systems can help to prevent Malware from entering a network or system by blocking malicious traffic and alerting administrators to potential threats.
  2. Installing and regularly updating antivirus and anti-malware software: This software can help to detect and remove Malware from computer systems. It is important to install and regularly update these tools to ensure they are effective against the latest threats.
  3. Implementing secure passwords and two-factor authentication: Strong and unique passwords and two-factor authentication can help to prevent unauthorised access to computer systems and networks. This can prevent attackers from using Malware to gain access to sensitive information.
  4. Providing regular staff training: Cyber attacks often rely on human error, such as employees falling for phishing scams or inadvertently downloading Malware. By providing regular training to employees on how to identify and avoid these threats, businesses can help to protect against them.

Overall, there are many steps that schools can take. By implementing technical measures such as firewalls and antivirus software, strong passwords and two-factor authentication, and regular employee training, businesses can significantly reduce their risk of being attacked and protect their sensitive data and systems.

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