The Ark HQ™ Training Platform

Training as easy as 1-2-3​

The Ark HQ™ is designed to engage and train your staff on essential topics such as Cyber Security & GDPR when and where it suits them.

Cyber Security and Privacy Training

The Ark HQ™ Platform Features

Multi-Factor Authentication

We enforce and require Multi-Factor Authentication on all client administration accounts by default.

Privacy by Default

We do as we train and process personal data with data protection and privacy in mind at every step of our platform development.

Security as Standard

We employ best-in-class cyber security techniques to safeguard our assets from malicious bad actors and we do so as standard across our platform.

Automate Everything

Everything on our platform is automated, from course allocation to employee training notifications, to great compliance reports and metrics.

Simple Set Up

You’ll kick off your Privacy & Security awareness training program in less than 10 minutes.

Easy Group Management

Train large groups without disrupting the day-to-day operations of your organisation. Staff complete courses whenever suits them on any internet-enabled device.

Detailed Reporting & Metrics

Completing an audit or presenting metrics? Quickly run reports on enrolment, progress, and performance. Search for certificates of completion and view live training dashboards instantly.

Mobile Friendly Approach

Each trainee can expect the same functionality and seamless experience across all their devices with no compromises.

Dynamic Content Delivery

Drip-feed micro-lessons to your staff based on an agreed schedule or you may require certain videos to be viewed before moving on - both are possible with The Ark HQ™.

CPD Accredited Series

Many of our courses have been accredited by the independent and globally recognised CPD Certification Scheme. This means staff can gain CPD credits to meet their annual CPD goals.​

Gamification Features

Our proven gamification features increase learner motivation levels, learner engagement and knowledge retention.

User Friendly

If you can browse a website, you can use The Ark HQ™ – it’s simple, intuitive and user-friendly. Staff can take courses in one sitting or stagger lessons over a few days without losing their progress.

Cyber Security and Privacy Training

No More Boring Training Programs

No more boring PowerPoint presentations or stale and outdated training materials. Better Training Programs = Better Security & Privacy outcomes for your organisation.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course – contact us at and we’ll organise everything.

We believe in transparent pricing. Please check out our Pricing and Service Tiers by selecting “Pricing” from the menu above.

Depends really our CPD accredtted course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. Shorter micro-lessons may take 10 – 15 minutes and train out specific items.

On registration, your staff will receive a system-generated email with a link to their assigned course(s) on the agreed date.

The platform has been designed for all levels of technical ability. In addition, we ask every course participant for their feedback which we use to improve the user experience continuously.

In short, no. As we’re browser-based. This means courses are taken online using your Internet Browser, i.e. Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Firefox.

Your staff can use any internet enabled device to access their course content.

Many of our courses have been accredited by the independent and globally recognised CPD Certification Scheme.

This means that the learning value of our courses has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality, and have met the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks.

Yes, on successful completion of one of our courses, a certificate of completion is issued automatically to the course participant. In addition a copy of this certificate is also issued for the HR file.

For micro-lessons, badges are issued to staff.

If staff need technical support, they can send us a support ticket using the “Support” option in the top menu of the training site. We’ll respond quickly and deal with their issue directly.

Your organisation has access to the purchased course(s) for up to 12 months.

No, they can visit their assigned course at any time, wherever they are. Each course comprises several individual lessons which enable staff to complete them at times convenient to them.

The Ark HQ™ will automatically generate course progression reports for Management. This means close to zero administration for you. 

Training Success

“It helped provide our staff with clarity and confidence around the steps that they must take to be GDPR compliant without causing distress or confusion. The delivery was very well paced, and relevant and the quizzes ensured that we all had to pay attention."
Course Participant
September 2022
"An easily accessible and user-friendly programme that delivers essential information on data protection protocols in the workplace. I appreciated the methods employed to vary and make more interesting, complex procedural information that can often be overwhelming to the average person."
Course Participant
September 2022

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